Fifty Shades Trilogy by EL James


Book Title Fifty Shades of Grey
Author: EL James
Genre: Literary Erotica / Contemporary Romance / Adult
My Rating: 4 stars all over
Book hangover: OH HELL YEAH!! The Kinky Fuckery & the Vanilla thing will be imprinted in your mind forever.
Stand Alone / Series: Series :sequences: 1) Fifty Shades 2) Fifty Shades Darker 3) Fifty Shades Freed
Read if you enjoy: Dom-sub BDSM / Rich billionaire / SMUT / Broken Alpha male / Love arrangement

Book Trailer:


When literature student Anastasia Steele goes to interview young entrepreneur Christian Grey, she encounters a man who is beautiful, brilliant, and intimidating. The unworldly, innocent Ana is startled to realize she wants this man and, despite his enigmatic reserve, finds she is desperate to get close to him. Unable to resist Ana’s quiet beauty, wit, and independent spirit, Grey admits he wants her, too—but on his own terms.

Shocked yet thrilled by Grey’s singular erotic tastes, Ana hesitates. For all the trappings of success—his multinational businesses, his vast wealth, his loving family—Grey is a man tormented by demons and consumed by the need to control. When the couple embarks on a daring, passionately physical affair, Ana discovers Christian Grey’s secrets and explores her own dark desires.

Erotic, amusing, and deeply moving, the Fifty Shades Trilogy is a tale that will obsess you, possess you, and stay with you forever.

This book is intended for mature audiences

My honest review: 

2 words: Kinky fuckery; and for that its worth reading.

This trilogy takes you on the dark love journey between Anastasia Steele & Christian Grey. (From Ana’s point of view). It all begins with, Ana a final year Journalism student, called in a favor for her sick housemate to do an exclusive interview with a famous Entrepreneur Christian Grey. She was surprised to encounter a beautiful, sexy, enigmatic but intimidating young man. Christian’s was immediately taken by Ana’s beauty and submissive like behavior, begin then to pursue her restlessly. However the dark & mysterious Christian Grey is not looking for a normal relationship, he’s living a secret life. What Mr Grey about to proposed to Ms Steele will shocked & changed her life completely.

“Does this mean you’re going to make love to me tonight, Christian?” 

Holy shit. Did I just say that? His mouth drops open slightly, but he recovers quickly. 

“No, Anastasia it doesn’t. Firstly, I don’t make love. I fuck… hard. Secondly, there’s a lot more paperwork to do, and thirdly, you don’t yet know what you’re in for. You could still run for the hills. Come, I want to show you my playroom.” 

My mouth drops open. Fuck hard! Holy shit, that sounds so… hot. But why are we looking at a playroom? I am mystified. 

“You want to play on your Xbox?” I ask. 

He laughs, loudly. “No, Anastasia, no Xbox, no Playstation. Come.”

… Producing a key from his pocket, he unlocks yet another door and takes a deep breath. 

“You can leave anytime. The helicopter is on stand-by to take you whenever you want to go, you can stay the night and go home in the morning. It’s fine whatever you decide.” 

“Just open the damn door, Christian.” 

He opens the door and stands back to let me in. I gaze at him once more. I so want to know what’s in here. Taking a deep breath I walk in. And it feels like I’ve time-traveled back to the sixteenth century and the Spanish Inquisition. Holy fuck.” 

 ― E.L. James, Fifty Shades of Grey

Christian Grey has a dark past, and it molded him to be the Dominant he is today. The enigma & sensuality of Christian Grey in this trilogy is mind-blowing irresistible. Each dialog will swoon you away. He’s the perfect persona of a Caveman like Alpha male, to droll for dominant. He loves showering women with his lavish gift and money, but the Über possessive man that can make you feel suffocating at times.

Ana Steele, is completely consumed by all it is Christian, her first real love. She’s strong and willful but submissively unable to resist Christian at times. The revelation of Christian’s past shocked her, though she’s learning to compromise with it at times it can be too much for her to bare.  Will Ana’s able to pulled Christian out from his dark past?

What I love about this trilogy is the helluva steamy & explosive sex scenes. Together with dirty taking Christian, this book will leave you panting, ladies. I love the chemistry between Ana & Christian, although there’s endless drama happening back to back in their life. It makes feel a bit suffocating to read. I wish the drama could be space out more to make it more realistic. Some part of Christian so called traumatic behavior I find that to be too cliche & unbelievable. If you like a book with saving a broken alpha male theme and you enjoy explosive kinky fuckiers then this trilogy is a must read.


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