Mighty Storm by Samantha Towle

Book Title: The Mighty Storm
Author: Samantha Towle
Genre: Romance / Love- triangle
My Rating: 5 Stars & WOW
Book hangover: Yes. The chemistry in this book is so mind blowing it will leave you wanting for more
Stand Alone / Series: First book of the Storm series, but this book didn’t end with cliff hanger
Read if you enjoy: Rock-stars BF/ Child hood unrequited love


It’s been twelve years since Tru Bennett last saw Jake Wethers, her former best friend and boy she once loved.

Jake Wethers, sexy, tattooed and deliciously bad lead singer, and brains behind The Mighty Storm, one of the biggest bands in the world, left Tru with a broken heart when he moved from England to America with his family when they were both fourteen.

Sent to interview Jake for her music column by the magazine she works for, they are both unprepared for the sparks that fly the instant they reconnect. Only, there’s a complication to their instant feelings for one another—Will, Tru’s boyfriend of two years.

Then Jake makes Tru a job offer she can’t refuse—travelling the world with him and his band. But taking the job means leaving Will behind, and being on the road with the band means spending an inordinate amount of time with Jake.

Is Tru strong enough to resist the delectable bad boy who once held her heart so completely, or will she willingly risk it all for one night with the world’s most notorious womanizer

Book trailer: 


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My honest review:

There’s a lot of mix reviews on this book but I can say  I’m absolutely frecking in love with it.. Beautifully Written. The sexual tension in this book is just mind blowing and it will leave you panting.

“He leans back and stares down at me, and then I suddenly see it there in his eyes, unconcealed. The lust. The want. He wants me. He’s trying to seduce me. I’m so completely fucked.”

Samantha Towle, The Mighty Storm

I just have a deep connection with the book and I was hooked from the very beginning with all the unrequited love between Tru & Jake. That best friend you have when you’re young that got away, the one you secretly follow his life stories but to afraid to get in touch. The anticipation of meeting them again , after all that years, would you drop everything you got if you have given another chance with him??

“I’ll never be good enough for you, I know that. But I’m no good without you, and if that makes me a selfish bastard for wanting you as badly as I do then so be it because I can’t live a life that doesn’t have you in it.”
Samantha Towle, The Mighty Storm

Never a right time, honey, I know. There never is when it comes to breaking someone’s heart”

Samantha Towle, The Mighty Storm

This story is much more than a love triangle choosing between your first love and current love, its about understanding & accepting each other in fragile relationship. This story just moved me, I devour the emotional roller coaster relationship between Tru & Jake, I cried and I laughed. The chemistry between them is so intense, even just the anticipation of their first meeting got me really giddy. Who can forget that first boy you loved?

“He touches my face, his thumb smoothing over my lips. “You’re my June, Tru.”
Samantha Towle,
The Mighty Storm 

I listened to Jonny Cash’s rendition of Hurt while reading the last chapter, this song is so deeply meaningful that I cried myself feeling the pain of each word. So it’s only feel right that I’m ending this book review with Reznor’s Hurt Lyrics.

I hurt myself today

To see if I still feel

I focus on the pain

The only thing that’s real

The needle tears a hole

The old familiar sting

Try to kill it all away

But I remember everything


What have I become

My sweetest friend

Everyone I know

goes away

In the end

And you could have it all

My empire of dirt

I will let you down

I will make you hurt


I wear this crown of thorns

Upon my liar’s chair

Full of broken thoughts

I cannot repair

Beneath the stains of time

The feelings disappear

You are someone else

I am still right here


What have I become

My sweetest friend

Everyone I know

goes away

In the end

And you could have it all

My empire of dirt

I will let you down

I will make you hurt


If I could start again

A million miles away

I would keep myself

I would find a way


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