I am Her by Sarah Ann Walker

Book Title: I Am Her
Author: Sarah Ann Walker
Genre: Psychological / Romance
My Rating: 5 Stars & WOW
Book hangover: Yes. The psychological puzzles will mid-fuck your brain
Stand Alone / Series: Stand Alone
Read if you enjoy: Puzzling mystery, Romance with psychological twist


“She has no name of her own. She is every name everyone has ever called her. She is nameless. She has a good job, a beautiful home and a wonderful husband. She is everything she was supposed to be. She has structure and stability, but she is lost.She is trying. Her whole life is spent trying; yet her whole life has been nothing but an apology. She is so tired of trying and failing.In just one week, she learns her entire life is a series of brutalities. She learns intense, consuming passion for the first time with a beautiful stranger. She learns love within this passion, and she learns heartbreak while without.Slowly her breakdown overcomes her. She tries to rise above her circumstances, but when she has nothing left to fight with; she tries to ease the pain forever.Desperately, she fights her way through the agony of life, and she returns with a gentle hope. She wants to live, and she wants to love, for the first time in her life. Now, she has a name. Now, she can be ‘her’… Any HER that she wants to be”

My honest review:

This book really sucked all my emotions. I felt insane reading it and literally have to exercised deep breathing techniques. This book will make you laugh , cry and angry till you pull your hair out. I’m just speechless after reading this.

The story starts with a women who feels unloved by her husband, trying to keep everything in her life routine and in order as she’s been doing really well all this while. Well until one day something inside her snaps, and her “normal” life gets stirs up. Things push her more to the limit when she recently made acquittance with her new colleague Z, who genuinely concern for her happiness and wanted to help her. 

I really love the chemistry between the characters. The dialog are really witty and heart-felt. I must say the first part of the book was funny but bit draggy and a I’m not sure where the story was heading, but once the second part kicks in I was hooked and can’t put it down. Come to the beginning of part 3, I’m hyperventilating, knowing there’s 3 months gap missing from the end of part 2. What’s going on? what happen to Z? at this point I was at the edge of my bed. And Part 4 came with more endless twist & surprises. ( so you have to read  it to find out)

Just Wow!! Such an amazing story line!! Such a brilliant story. I applaud Sarah Ann Walker for her first debut novel.  Please grab a copy of the book, simply amazing read !


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