The Edge of Never by JA Redmerski


Book Title: The Edge of Never
Author: J Redmerski
Genre: Contemporary Romance / New Adult
My Rating: 5Stars & Wow
Book hangover: Swooning Hangover
Stand Alone / Series:  1st book of Edge of never series. But this book doesn’t end in a cliff hanger
Read if you enjoy: Life discovering journey
Characters likability: Smart mouthed characters with Intense chemistry. Absolutely love them
Sexual content : R rated smut, and intense sexual chemistry


Twenty-year-old Camryn Bennett thought she knew exactly where her life was going. But after a wild night at the hottest club in downtown Raleigh, North Carolina, she shocks everyone-including herself-when she decides to leave the only life she’s ever known and set out on her own. Grabbing her purse and her cell phone, Camryn boards a Greyhound bus ready to find herself. Instead, she finds Andrew Parrish.

Sexy and exciting, Andrew lives life like there is no tomorrow. He persuades Camryn to do things she never thought she would and shows her how to give in to her deepest, most forbidden desires. Soon he becomes the center of her daring new life, pulling love and lust and emotion out of her in ways she never imagined possible. But there is more to Andrew than Camryn realizes. Will his secret push them inseparably together-or destroy them forever?

My honest review: 

Beautiful written story, funny & sexy romantic story about two strangers finding the meaning of life on a road trip across country.

After recently losing her boyfriend in a car accident, Camryn feel lost for direction. She feels obliged to conform and make people around her happy. Pleasing her mother with taking a job she hates and putting up with her best friend ,she had enough, so she boarded the next grey hound bus leaving all behind. Andrew is trying to escape his own grief too, trying to delay seeing his dying father, he board the grey hound across country instead jumping on the next direct plane. Fate brought Camden & Andrew together, and in their unpremeditated journey they learn the meaning of life and love and how to overcome their grief.

“Coincidence is just the conformist term for fate.” 
― J.A. RedmerskiThe Edge of Never

The story line may sound clichè, to be honest the storyline was simple, but what I loved about this book was its filled with funny comments & heart felt emotions. So beautifully written. This book made me both laughed and cried. The pain in this book was raw, the romancing swoon me away and their life journey just Awe-inspiring. There’s a good twist at the end of the book, utterly gut wrenching, so if you already fall in love reading it you’ll be up for a surprise.

“I think if past lives are real then we have been lovers in every single one of them. I’ve known you for a short time, but I feel like I’ve known you forever.” 
― J.A. RedmerskiThe Edge of Never

“A woman who knows what she wants sexually, and isn’t afraid to express it is so fucking hot, Camryn- Tell. Me. What. You. Want. Or, I won’t give it to you.” 
― J.A. RedmerskiThe Edge of Never


“Just because one person’s problem is less traumatic than another’s doesn’t mean they’re required to hurt less” 
― J.A. RedmerskiThe Edge of Never

“Just that dwelling and planning is bullshit, you dwell on the past, you can’t move forward. Spend too much time planning for the future and you just push yourself backwards, or you stay stagnant in the same place all your life. Live in the moment, where everything is just right, take your time and limit your bad memories and you’ll get wherever it is you’re going a lot faster and with less bumps in the road along the way.” 
― J.A. RedmerskiThe Edge of Never

If you love a story about self discoveries than this story is a must read . Happy reading !!

Book trailer:

This is a fan made Video by Stephanie Hayes

the edge of never

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