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HELLO! Thanks for visiting Book Hangover reviews.  If you either smiled or at least understood the meaning of this quote, then you and I are living in the same wave length, my friend. (well in my case at the end of my Iphone’s- Ibook).

I’m new at writing reviews, I find this is a new therapeutic way to cope with my book hangover. Its like my Advil the morning after I stayed up all night reading. It help me cope with my book addiction and help me move on to the next book. When I’m obsessed with a book, I like to stalked the authors, I join books discussions, I look for any bonus scenes , to be released excerpt, and book trailers in you tube. So this blog is like the scrap book of my obsession. I gather & linked any material related to my favourite books to this blog. If you share my obsession I hope you’ll find my blog a useful library. (checked also my suggested reading playlist, these are tunes & scores that I listen to when I’m reading my books for the added drama feel )

Did I tell you I’m obsessed? Yes, I have OCD when I found a good book, I wont put it down until wee hour in the morning. I’m now on the quest to find the next amazing read. I’m looking for the book that will give me book hang-over, the book that will leave its words hanging in my head for weeks or months, That book that will ruined other book for me until I found another equally worthy book. So If you ever felt like that reading something, please please please give me your recommendation. Add me in Goodreads I would love to have discussion or rant about my emotional turmoil after reading a book. (check also my top hangover books, this is a list of my favourite books)

I have to confess, I’m a big Sucker-For-Romance. (I’m big for the relationship drama guilty as charge!). I’ve read mostly Contemporary romance but hopefully in time I’ll widen my genre to paranormal & historical romance. (If your to read list is as long as mine may be you understand how hard it is to make time). At the odd times, I’ve also enjoyed over the edge suspense thriller genre, some good self help book , and even cooking book (just to drool over gourmet food). I fall in love with inspiring books. I love books with element mystery in it and able to put me on the edge of my sit & I’m ecstatic when I found a good mind blowing mindfuck read. But most of all, I look forward to be swoon over by alpha male caveman characters & smart mouth dirty talking man. (Yes check my top swoon worthy hero list- they are my book boyfriends)

I try my best to write a Spoiler Free reviews. I hated nothing more than to rob the joy of reading  from other. So when you see any where in my post warning of even the slightest possible spoiler, AVOID READING IT. This is usually the case with books that has sequel or series, though the review may be spoiler free from the content of the book, but it may contain spoiler to books preceding to it.

I appreciate receiving any comments and advice to improve this site. Learning makes me young, so any suggestion I’ll take it on board. I’m currently transferring all my reviews to this blog, and this could take sometime to be complete, in the mean time please view my goodreads site if for my other book review.

If you are wondering how I rates my books see below: 

I gave my rating based on the following rule of thumb.

5stars & Wow  

Book that I personally connected emotionally / inspired me / have an amazing twist / the characters swoon me away

4.5 Stars & Amazing Read

Book that are beautifully written , swoon worthy characters but just missing that small wow factor 

4 stars & read worthy

Book that are really well written, lovable characters but predictable 

3.5 stars

Books I enjoy reading , heart felt, lovable character but have average storyline

3 stars

Books I enjoy reading , good storyline but the character didn’t impress me much

2 stars

Book that is ridiculous  &  the characters annoyed me

1 stars

Book that I give up reading just wasn’t for me ( I rarely rate book I could not finish,unless its really terrible)

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